Self Managed Learning Approaches

Self Managed Learning Approaches

Approaches to Self managed learning !!

Self-managed learning approaches or self directed learning is considered as the way through which individuals explore new ways to find new things. Self managed learning approaches can be through within the organizations in which an individual work or it can be a long term goal for the individual. Self – directed learning process also require individuals to set their goals and doing proper planning in order to achieve these goals. There can be numerous approaches to self managed learning process such as beliefs, culture, perception and behavior etc. Self managed learning approaches advocates the learning of individual through random things around such as the newspaper and family/friends around a person. Self managed learning approaches are not confined to the formal classroom but extend a person much more from formal ways of learning.

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What are the approaches to self managed learning?

Self managed learning approaches can not be defined in the formal context and it can come through so many ways. Self managed learning can also be enhanced through the research an individual carries or through an individual assignment given to students. Some of the important sources of self managed learning approaches includes seminar & conferences, social networks and internet etc. Seminar and conferences are considered as the opportunity for individual to present their knowledge and learn from the experiences of other individual participating in the seminars and conferences. Social networks are considered as the key way through which people interact with other friends, relatives and build new network. Amount of time spent on social networks is increasing day by day for individuals and this encourage self managed learning process through usage of social networks. Social networks have become hub of knowledge as amount of information shared on social network is huge these days.

Third and key source of self managed learning is internet wherein internet these days is considered to have vast amount of data which can be accessed by individuals through Google scholars and other academic journals. Through general search individuals can access information provided by other authors on the topic of self managed learning approaches. Also there are several open platforms available on internet at which people can share their knowledge and also get analysis from the other authors in the related authors and scholars. Self managed learning approaches are explained in details in Unit 4 Health and social care.

Unit 4 Health and Social care

Unit 4 Health and social care deals with the concept of self managed learning approaches. Unit 4 health and social care is Personal and professional development unit. LO1.1 deals with the evaluation of the self managed learning approaches in health and social care. Further LO1.2 deals with the proposing ways through which self managed learning approaches could be encouraged. Honey and Mumford learning style questionnaire is one of the most effective ways to assess the self managed learning approaches in individual context. Unit 4 deals with the personal and professional development essays and provide details on self managed learning approaches.

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