How to write a Dissertation?

How to write a Dissertation?

What is a dissertation?

When you are up to a point of writing dissertation it means you are near to the end of academic journey. Aim of present article is to provide step by step guide for helping out to showcase research skills in given educational discipline. Dissertation or thesis is terminology used to showcase the final result of the independent work through research. Normally difference between dissertation and thesis can be made from the fact that dissertation is done at the end of undergraduate program while thesis is done at the end of post graduate program. Writing dissertation is an essential art and require lot of hardwork to successfully achieve the objectives of the given dissertation work.

Dissertation Topic Selection

One of the most important part to ensure success in dissertation writing is the selection of the topic. Selection of topic should be done after careful research pertaining to the existing studies which has been done in the current field of research. Moreover each and every study should be referred pertaining to the particular field of study before starting the dissertation. HND Assignment Help team provide free of cost help for the students in order to select the dissertation topic such as nursing dissertation topics, accounting dissertation topics or marketing dissertation topics or HR dissertation topics. Our experts in Nursing field have already research a lot of existing studies for nursing field and have prepared the premium list for nursing dissertation topics and we can share this list with our customers to help them to select their nursing dissertation topics. Similarly, accounting dissertation topics can be selected by the students from our database of accounting dissertation topics. We don’t charge our customers for topic selection and once topic selection is done then our team of dissertation experts can start working on them.

Dissertation Help

Dissertation Structure- The first step to the success in writing dissertation !!

Deciding on dissertation structure is very essential and including required chapters in the dissertation writing would help to structure overall work. Writing a dissertation would require thinking about the overall structure or outline the basic chapter division which would make it helpful to draw upon overall dissertation journey. Below is one of the most simple and common dissertation structure followed across UK. We have kept it simple and additions can be made based on the requirement for particular dissertation:

  1. Chapter 1 Introduction
  2. Chapter 2 Literature review
  3. Chapter 3 Methodology
  4. Chapter 4 Findings and discussion
  5. Chapter 5 Conclusion and recommendations

Writing Dissertation proposal | Dissertation Proposal Examples !!

Dissertation introduction can be done through a properly drafted dissertation proposal. A dissertation proposal example can be found on our website in sample section just to guide students on how to write dissertation proposal. Basically a Dissertation Proposal provide information to the tutor regarding topic, research questions, methodology, tools for data collection, sampling methods and analysis methods etc. This would in short provide the outline and work breakdown for the overall research work. A clear proposal is considered as the half way to the good dissertation writing.

Dissertation Abstract

Dissertation abstract is written at the first page however it is made at the end of dissertation completion. A good dissertation abstract provides researcher a chance to impress the reader of the dissertation through first sight. An abstract is considered to have gist of the overall dissertation and should communicate the objectives and end result to the reader within limited words.

How to write an Introduction | Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation introduction is considered to be the first chapter and contains and consider to set stage for the complete research work. Dissertation introduction chapter would introduce research objectives, frame research questions, build hypothesis and provides the methodology to deal with the research questions. This also talks about the methods of data collection and overall methodology to be followed during research work whether qualitative or quantitative or mix of both the methodologies.

Dissertation acknowledgements

This part of the dissertation include all the credible sources through the information or guidance for dissertation has been collected. This would include both living and non living things. It is advisable that researchers should make every effort to provide due credit to each and every source through which they have gained information used in the research work so that the prior research work can be appreciated.

Dissertation Help | Dissertation Writing Help

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