Harvard Referencing Generator

Harvard Referencing Generator

Looking for a simple tool which can save time and help to generate Harvard referencing!!

Writing Assignment is an art and in order to provide suitable credit to the owner we need to do the word reference. Harvard Referencing generator is one of the most powerful tool which can help the students to reference the various sources. As per UWE library guidelines, every information gathered needs to be referenced through Harvard reference generator. Reference generator is an important harvard referencing tool which ask for the various information pertaining to the source.

How to harvard reference a website !!

How to reference any source would require students to understand the harvard referencing guidelines. Referencing a website though is one of the probable questions which several students are looking for. Harvard referencing system available for referencing a website is exemplified in detail below:

Mark, D. 2019. HND Assignments/HND Assignment help. [Online]. [Accessed 19 July 2009]. Available from: https://www.hndassignmenthelp.co.uk/

In Text referencing for this website can be given as under:

(David, 2019)

Hence as evident from the above example that in order to reference a website first of all the author’s last name is written which is “Mark” in the current example. Secondly, after putting comma the first name initial alphabet is written which is D and after full stop the year of the online material is provided which is 2019 here. Full title of the website or page referred to gather information is provided which is HND Assignments/HND Assignment help in the present example. After that “[online]” is written to showcase that the information is access through online source and date of accessing the information is provided which is 19 July, 2019 and finally the URL of the website or webpage through which the information has been taken is given which is https://www.hndassignmenthelp.co.uk here.

HND Assignment Help make use of the Harvard referencing website generator for making each and every assignment. Our HND experts makes use of the harvard referencing generator UK so that each and every assignment made is strictly following the Harvard referencing guidelines. Free Harvard referencing generator is available with our team and students can request for the harvard style referencing generator from us without any cost.

How to use Harvard referencing generator in order to reference a journal article !!

Sometimes, students request us that cite this for me in order to avail help on their harvard referencing problems. Our Harvard referencing generator is such a powerful tool and can reference each and every source. Here we would look into the example for referencing a journal article as per below:

  1. Example for harvard referencing of offline journal article

Mark, D. 2008. Unit 27 Managing quality in health and social care. Journal of HND Assignments39(4), pp.652-669.

2. Example of harvard referencing for online available journal article

Mark, D. 2009. Unit 23 Supporting significant life events. International Journal of HND Assignments. [Online]. 44(12), pp.2512-2518. [Accessed 10 June 2013]. Available from: doi:10.107/rmh00008

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Harvard reference generator

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